2020 Annual Review

This has been a challenging and exciting year!

2020 was an especially good and bad time to start a nonprofit medical device startup:

It was a great time to build a community around nonprofit medical devices:

  • Air to All’s engineering team designed and built a novel set of PPE and medical devices and should be commended for their efforts and ingenuity, especially given our distributed conditions.

It was also a difficult time to start a new nonprofit startup.

  • 99%+ of global COVID funding went to existing corporations and nonprofits, largely through government contracts and grants that weren’t available to the average nonprofit or for-profit startup.

Air to All is still fighting for our EUA and 501(c)3 approvals.

  • We’re led by a core team of volunteers who have kept our ship afloat.
  • With EUA and 501(c)3 approvals in 2021, we still have a great shot at our Nonprofit Medical Device vision.

We’ve also applied for a couple major grants (Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and Grand Humanitarian Challenge) that would allow us to sponsor the full development and production of our leading PPE and medical device designs and pursue our Medical Devices For All mission in 2021.

PPE and medical device access will still be a major challenge in 2021 and beyond, especially for underserved communities that did not receive major government or corporate assistance.

  • We have targeted our grant applications for 2021 to solve these long-term emergency shortages.

I’m so thankful for our amazing Air to All community who supported each other through this uniquely difficult year.

It was always hectic, we never had enough money or time, but we made incredible progress in a few short months.

Here’s to finishing what we started in 2021.

If you want to give a tax-deductible donation to Air to All, please click the button below:

Thank you again for all of your support and hard work this year!