Our mission is to ensure that everyone can access safe and effective medical devices.


Air To All is a nonprofit that coordinates the design, production, and distribution of affordable medical devices.

Our first project, 1 Million Ventilators, aims to deliver 1,000,000+ emergency ventilators to combat the global shortage caused by COVID-19.

We created 1 Million Ventilators in March 2020 to first respond to the COVID crisis. Our focus quickly expanded as doctors and public health experts in our community shared how medical device shortages are an everyday crisis in many countries.

Air To All is now home to a series of ventilator and respirator prototypes that can be produced quickly in emergencies while also scaling affordably to millions of units per year. Our long-term goal is to ensure that everyone has access to safe effective medical devices.


Air To All is governed by the board of One Million Ventilators, Inc. which consists of Neil Thanedar (CEO), Heidi-Lynn Tayler (President), and Steven Ebin (Director), and a leadership team including Dr. Harvey Hawes (CMO), Dr. Abdullah Saleh (Head of Public Health), Dustin McIntosh (Head of Community), and Helton Souza (CIO). We are a California-based nonprofit pending 501(c)3 approval.

Air To All supports our 600+ person distributed open-source community that shares designs, builds prototypes, and organizes medical consults, regulatory support, and supply chains, manufacturing, and distribution for leading ventilator and respirator models.


We are inspired by the development of the Both respirator, a negative pressure ventilator invented in 1937 to quickly respond to the polio epidemic. The Both respirator wasn’t the first or only ventilator, but it succeeded because it was 10+ times cheaper than existing iron lungs due to its simpler plywood-based design, which also made it faster and easier to manufacture and ship globally.

We need to do the same with modern ventilators and respirators. Our ventilator prototypes are designed from scratch to be 10-100 times cheaper than current FDA-approved ventilators while matching 90%+ of their key features. Our devices are designed to be manufactured almost anywhere using mostly standard parts even under COVID pressures.

We are also supporting other leading ventilator projects around the world, including open-source projects from existing medical device companies and other major manufacturers. No one company or even one government can make 1,000,000+ ventilators this year by itself. It will take a global community of teams working non-stop until everyone has access to safe effective medical devices.