Nonprofit Seed Round

Air to All needs donations to fund the first production run of our Air One PAPR.

We have already built complete 3D-printed prototypes of our PAPR, but NIOSH requires that their regulatory testing of PAPRs be performed on industrially manufactured units.

This at a minimum requires us to invest in urethane casting, including SLA Patterns and RTV Molds, for the ten custom parts in our PAPR, along with off-the shelf parts and manufacturing of the complete production units.

Our production runs after NIOSH regulatory approval will rely on injection molded parts to lower our per unit variable costs below $500 as shown in our industrial design:

We’re ready to start our first production run now and have a full set of engineering and industrial design files, an instruction manual, product labels, and documentation in our quality management system to expedite a NIOSH regulatory sprint.

We have completed all of this work to date with just $45K in donations and thousands of hours of volunteer work from our amazing community.

We need to raise about $100K in donations to fund the next two-month sprint, including manufacturing our first production run and employing an essential group of engineering, supply chain, and regulatory workers who can no longer afford to donate their time. We will then need to raise about $300K to more prepare to injection mold parts at scale.

Regulatory approval of the Air One PAPR will unlock hundreds of millions in dollars in potential demand to provide these devices to frontline healthcare workers at scale this winter.

The Air One PAPR provides more head and face protection than N95 masks and face shields. And at a cost of just $500 per unit, our PAPRs will also be more cost-effective (6-month payback period) vs. existing PPE used in hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes:

The Air One PAPR is a cost-effective alternative to N95 masks, face shields, and other PAPRs.

Over 1,000 US frontline healthcare workers have died of COVID-19, disproportionately minorities and immigrants. Over 85% of nurses are still being asked to reuse single-use PPE like N95 masks.

We need to protect millions of frontline healthcare workers during this winter’s COVID + flu season. Our PAPR is a key solution to the problem of providing safe and effective PPE to these essential workers.

If you are willing to donate some or all of this money to help get Air to All through regulatory approval, please email me at You can also donate stock via Overflow and donate cash via PayPal.

Additional funds will go to donate PAPRs to frontline essential workers in underserved communities and to complete the development of our Model A and Model B ventilators.

Help save lives and protect essential workers this COVID-19 season! Donate to the Air to All Fund today!

Air to All, Inc. is a California nonprofit corporation in the process of filing for federal IRS tax-exempt 501(c)(3) status. Tax-deductible donations can be made now through our fiscal sponsor Social and Environmental Entrepreneurs.

112 thoughts on “Nonprofit Seed Round

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