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Air to Ukraine

Donate medical supplies to the Ukrainian defenders Air to All, Inc., a 501(c)3 US-based nonprofit run by a global team of volunteers partnered up with YouTeam Inc., a fellow Y Combinator company from Ukraine, in the support of the Ukrainian defense forces. The two teams are providing life-saving medical supplies to military units on the […]

2020 Annual Review

This has been a challenging and exciting year! It was a great time to build a community around nonprofit medical devices: Air to All’s engineering team designed and built a novel set of PPE and medical devices and should be commended for their efforts and ingenuity, especially given our distributed conditions. It was also a […]

Air to Africa

Public health emergency centers in Kenya need much more than ventilators. Many emergency departments do not even have the oxygen gas manifolds needed to deliver much-needed compressed air to their patients. We are now working with a field partner, the Emergency Medical Kenya Foundation, to fundraise for a piped oxygen infrastructure program in Kenya. EMKF […]

Air to All’s Master Plan

Produce and sell PAPRs for COVID. Use that money to build affordable ventilators. Use that money to build even more affordable medical devices. While doing the above, also raise money to donate free medical devices to underserved communities. The overarching purpose of Air to All is to accelerate the global transition to healthcare for all. Right […]

Video: Three Month Update

We’re trying something new this month — a live all-hands meeting via Zoom to celebrate our three-month anniversary as a volunteer community. Video here. We celebrated our key wins in month three, especially the completion of our PAPR prototype. We also made major improvements to our final PAPR industrial design. A key milestone this month was […]

PAPRs vs. N95 Masks

Advanced PPE systems like PAPRs that include full-face protection can eliminate up to 100% of COVID-19 risk for frontline workers. A study from Wuhan, China showed that when 420 healthcare professionals were directly exposed daily for 6-8 weeks to COVID-19 patients but all wore effective PPE including masks and face shields, none of them reported […]

Video: Two Month Update

Announcing our latest product, a powered air-purifying respirator. We’re now working on new preventative solutions to the COVID-19 pandemic, especially devices that can protect frontline workers who face high daily exposure to coronavirus.

Inspiration: The Both Respirator

We are inspired by the development of the Both respirator, a negative pressure ventilator invented in 1937 to quickly respond to the polio epidemic. The Both respirator wasn’t the first or only ventilator, but it succeeded because it was 10+ times cheaper than existing iron lungs due to its simpler plywood-based design, which also made […]