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Air To All is a community of more than 700 volunteers focused on bringing safe, effective, affordable, and scalable medical devices to the world. We are looking for volunteers of all backgrounds to help develop medical devices that will save lives during COVID and beyond. Join one of our many teams including engineering, product management, manufacturing, supply chain, partnerships, regulatory, finance, and more!

These active projects are looking for new volunteers

Model A+

Model A+ designs are simple ventilator prototypes with a few key upgrades including alarms and pressure sensors that make them significantly safer than current Model A “emergency” ventilators.

Our community is working on multiple existing Model A prototypes to quickly improve their designs and assess which Model A+ design is safest and most scalable.

Current status: Iterating on community-based Model A designs based on feedback from doctors and respiratory therapists

Help wanted: Engineering (ME, EE, firmware), product managers, sourcing ambu bags

Model B

Model B designs are a new emergency ventilator design that meets medical and regulatory requirements to effectively substitute for existing medical ventilators during a pandemic.

We are organizing internal Model B designs and working with inventors of existing Model B ventilator designs to assess potential supply chain and manufacturing constraints and share best practices between designs.

Current status: Iterating on community-based Model B designs based on feedback from doctors and respiratory therapists

Help wanted: Accepting new Model B designs that need help with sourcing, manufacturing, and/or distribution


Purified air powered respirators (PAPRs) are the gold standard for protection of medical staff and can also be used to protect first responders and service workers who are required to work during a quarantine.

PAPRs are expensive and hard to source, so our community is developing an open-source PAPR model that can be quickly and affordably manufactured this year.

Current status: Assembling prototypes; preparing for testing, assessing NIOSH vs. FDA approval pathways

Help wanted: NIOSH consultant to pre-vet prototypes, Market researcher to assess PAPR demand by use/location.

Model M

Model M is our name for medical-grade ventilators that are already FDA-approved. Some medical device companies have released open source information about their old Model M designs. We are working with contract manufacturers to test which designs are most feasible to produce at scale now.

Current status: Reviewing open-source designs with manufacturers

Help wanted: Need more information (sourcing, BOMs) to start production