Model A Ventilator

A scalable ventilator for emergency stockpiles and everyday shortages.

Why we’re building this ventilator:

There is a severe, ongoing shortage of ventilators worldwide during the COVID-19 pandemic to care for patients with moderate and critical cases.

Existing emergency ventilator designs are insufficient for use now since they are unresponsive to the distressed breathing cycles of COVID patients.

We are working to design, build, and deliver 1 million affordable ventilators to save lives during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Model A Design:

The Model A Ventilator will be an emergency ventilator that can be deployed for patient transport, operating room settings, and bridge-to-therapy ventilation for healthier COVID-19 patients. It may also be used for certain non-COVID-19 cases, freeing up existing ventilators for severe COVID-19 cases.

Price and Availability:

We are targeting a $500 per unit price for our Model A Ventilator, with pre-orders set to open in August 2020 and the first units projected to ship in December 2020.