Air To All Updates:

  • PAPRs vs. N95 Masks
    Advanced PPE systems like PAPRs that include full-face protection can eliminate up to 100% of COVID-19 risk for frontline workers. A study from Wuhan, China showed that when 420 healthcare professionals were directly exposed daily for 6-8 weeks to COVID-19 patients […]
  • Video: Two Month Update
    Announcing our latest product, a powered air-purifying respirator. We’re now working on new preventative solutions to the COVID-19 pandemic, especially devices that can protect frontline workers who face high daily exposure to coronavirus.
  • Video: One Month Update
    On March 17, 2020, exactly a month ago today, I posted the 1 Million Ventilators project on I never imagined how quickly people would organize from all over the world to support our mission of ensuring everyone access to safe effective […]
  • From Prototypes to Production
    Model A+ designs are simple ventilator prototypes with a few key upgrades including alarms and pressure sensors to assist health professionals and streamlined designs to accelerate manufacturing cycles. Model B designs are a new type of ventilator created for global scale. They’re almost […]
  • Why don’t we have enough ventilators?
    First, why can’t the existing ventilator manufacturers just make more ventilators? The current generation of FDA-approved ventilators are too expensive and too complex: Medtronic normally makes 300 ventilators per week of its best ventilator. They’re rushing to maximize production capacity, which […]
  • 1 Million Ventilators
    This post was originally published on In a pandemic, the limited existing ventilator supply and stockpile should be reserved for treating the most critical life-threatening cases. We need to create an emergency ventilator that can be used for millions of […]